Are you ready to take your business to the next level?


You have a great product and a great company


You have an obligation to take over, expand and dominate the space.

How do you keep your sales pipeline full?

How do you keep leads coming in?


When there’s an economic contraction – don’t reduce, contract, downsize…

When things are stagnant, the thing to do is invest in marketing, … make a move while your competition is sleeping.

Make something happen!


Phil Furlong

Lead Consultant – Internet Marketing & SEO Agency CEO

I’ve been involved in the business world since my early twenties. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of changes in advertising, promotion and client relationship management systems. Today, I’m privileged to help others in business achieve success by implementing powerful and innovative proven strategies to market goods and services in the most efficient way possible, using the internet.


  • Create & Develop a Website to Showcase your Business
  • Funnel Design the Website for Conversion and Functionality
  • Incorporate an Automated CRM System to Capture and Follow-up Leads.
  • Develop Local and National Citations for Optimized Directory & Map Listings
  • Initiate, optimize and manage high authority Social Media Channels.
  • Develop and implement a consistent, high quality, link building strategy.
  • Incorporate Video Marketing Strategies to boost traffic and sales

Increase sales and production, don’t go hide your business and brand in a corner.

You’ve gotta take massive effective action and implement effective marketing strategy.

Stay in front of your customers and make something happen.

 The promotion you conduct today sets in motion a selling cycle that will result in new business tomorrow.


Advance, conquer, and dominate your market now!


Do you really want to waste your time and money on cheap SEO or marketing strategies that don’t help at all and may even hurt your rankings?

Of course not!


Why Choose Furlong SEO Marketing Corp?

We're Inovative

Our SEO Agency stays on top of current marketing trends as well as develop and conduct our own testing. We use these proven strategies and incorporate them in promoting our clients.

We set High Standards

We do all the SEO agency work ourselves, in-house. That means no outsourcing and no cutting corners. We handle and maintain every detail of the process. This secures a high level of control on behalf of our clients.

We're Creative

Every individual and each business is unique. Why should your website be any different? The creative faculty is an amazing resource and we incorporate it in every project.

We're Accountable

We provide monthly progress reports and direct personal access. We keep our clients informed about industry changes and provide insights to help them grow and maintain a secure online business.

We aim to over deliver… One of the favorite words I love to hear from a client is, … “WOW”



Business Automation & CRM

- Custom CRM System Integration -

Business Automation & CRM

Manage and streamline your lead and sales systems efficiently


SEO - Search Engine Optimization

- On and Off Site Optimization and Link Building -

SEO - Seach Engine Optimization

X 10 the visitors to your website using free Google Traffic


Website Design & Development

- Responsive WordPress -

Website Design & Development

We work with you every step of the way to ensure you have a great looking fully functional website.


Reputation & Brand Awareness

- Social Media | Brand Monitoring -

Reputation & Brand Awareness

Reconcile and Build a Positive Online Presence using Social Media & Free Press


Optimized Video & Online Marketing

- Youtube Video Optimization and Publication -

Optimized Video & Online Marketing

Put powerfully ranked video to work for you driving traffic to your website while you sleep

SEO Agency work station

We’re ready to get started working on your next BIG idea

The only one missing is YOU!

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